Back in the good ol’ days Ultimate Frisbee at Bates was a casual co-ed affair. In 2005, Lynne Lewis and Becky Gilden convinced a small group of women to start practicing twice a week as an independent women’s team. From this divergence the Cold Front team was born. We are now an incredible team of about 45 athletic women who take the sport of ultimate frisbee seriously, but still love to have a lot of fun while playing and learning!

During the fall season we hold practices five days a week, in addition to organizing and attending lots of fun and competitive tournaments and other activities involving discs and love. The winter season is our competitive season in which we select a competitive team that works hard to compete in sectionals in April, in the hopes to go on to Regionals and even Nationals. In the spring of 2016 Cold Front made it all the way to Nationals for the first time in Bates Ultimate history. We are still very tight with the fellas of the men’s team, Orange Whip. We regularly have co-ed scrimmages (every Friday during the fall semester), attend co-ed tournaments, and we play co-ed mini indoor ultimate every Sunday in the winter.

No experience is necessary to join our awesome team, and we will happily educate anyone in the great game of ultimate.  There is a wide range of skill on our team, from very experienced, National-level players, to those who have never thrown a disc before. We like playing ultimate, making up silly names, wearing flair, and having a lot of fun, so come join our team!